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The Impact of Telehealth Injury Intervention on Maritime Workers

Sep 1, 2022

The Story

HealthWorks Medical, LLC is a leading full-service Occupational Health company headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky. HealthWorks specializes in designing medical cost management solutions for employers that are in search of a reprieve from inflated medical pricing and PPO overpayment.

Over the past several years, HealthWorks has served as the Medical Director for several of the region’s largest maritime transportation companies – providing a variety of medical management solutions.

The Challenge

Maritime transportation operations are logistically complex and sometimes requireemployees to operate within remote environments for extended periods of time – withlimited access to traditional medical resources.

HealthWorks | MuuvWell | Health & Wellness Challenges

Delayed injury response

HealthWorks | MuuvWell | Health & Wellness Challenges

Inability to access medical facilities

HealthWorks | MuuvWell | Health & Wellness Challenges

Lack of ongoing care

This posed the question:

How can maritime employers increase access to qualityhealthcare for their workers operating in austere environments?
All employer partners wanted quality and simplicity with their injury response programthat included:


Dedicated 24/7 ability to communicate with a healthcare provider from anywhere inthe world


Access to medical staff that understood the unique challenges of the maritime industry


The ability to effectively triage non-emergent injuries in “real-time” prior tooffboarding personnel

The Approach

January 1st, 2022 – HealthWorks creates their new “Marine Injury ResponseProgram”.

This “high touch” injury prevention system utilizes a team of occupationally trained clinicians, technology and equipment to deliver a product that is targeted and effective. This program gets associates feeling better fast while keeping them on the vessel. This is achieved through OSHA non-recordable virtual intervention that’s provided through a dedicated “smart app” available on each vessel. 

Program Design

So, what does this all cost?

HealthWorks employer partners pay a monthly “per-click” feeto access the Maritime Injury Response Program. On average, employees participate in 4-6 visits per injury. 

HealthWorks provides the services below as part of their Maritime Injury ResponseProgram.

Injury Triage/Assessment

Rapid, virtual intervention with Drs. of Physical Therapy thatdiagnoses injury and determines proper course of action.

Injury Treatment

Employees are assigned a treatment program that includesstretches and exercises that improve symptoms quickly. 

24/7 App Access

Employees have access programs and the ability to directlymessage Physical Therapists and Strength and ConditioningSpecialists with questions. 

Rehab Equipment

Vessels are outfitted with injury prevention kits that includenon-rigid bracing and other implements utilized by PhysicalTherapists

The Results

1st Quarter 2022:

A total of 32 unique cases were referred to the HealthWorks InjuryManagement Team for evaluation + treatment resulting in a 96% success rate.

The resulting operational cost savings from each offboarding avoidance is estimated to be $29,100. 

“Success” is defined as creating a treatment plan that resulted in the employee to self-manage their recovery plan and maintaining work aboard the vessel without offboardingfor further medical care. 


Injury Type # of Cases # Offboard
Low Back 20 1
Shoulder 3 0
Knee 4 0
Ankle 1 0
Wrist 2 0
Hip 1 0
Abdominal 1 0

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