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At Healthworks Medical, we take pride in the fact that our medical providers understand what occupational medicine entails whether it be OSHA recordability of an injury or illness, respiratory fit test requirements, a DOT physical, merchant mariner or a pre-employment physical. We also understand that the medical needs of your employees matter and that a job well done by our medical staff not only saves your company money, but also promotes a sense of being cared for between your employees and your management staff. 

The ultimate goal is to promote the overall health and wellness of a company’s employees so that the employer saves significant and measurable money on healthcare costs. 

occupational medicine


Below is a general listing of the occupational medical services we provide:

HealthWorks Medical | Occupational Medicine | Drug Testing

Drug Testing

HealthWorks Medical | Occupational Medicine | Alcohol Breath Test

Alcohol Testing

(DOT Breath Alcohol)

HealthWorks Medical | Occupational Medicine | Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary Function Tests

HealthWorks Medical | Occupational Medicine | Respiratory Fit Test & Training

Respiratory Fit Test & Training

HealthWorks Medical | Occupational Medicine | Occupational Vaccinations

Occupational Vaccinations & Tests


Dot, Pre-employment, and Return to Work Physicals

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Care

Hearing Conservation Services

Hearing Conservation Services

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We look forward to supporting your organization and affordably address the healthcare needs of your employees and their families.