The vision of HealthWorks Medical, LLC is to provide the best quality healthcare and safety services to our customer
base. We feel providing healthcare to our patients and safety engineering services to our customer companies is a
privilege and treat it with the highest sense of regard. 

Our patients are treated with the utmost respect at all times. We follow Christian values and find this essential to promoting
emotional, physical and spiritual health to our customers and their employees. 

  HealthWorks Medical and Safety  

Safety Services

Healthworks can give you the best in occupational and corporate-related healthcareHealthWorks Medical contains within its corporation a safety and health engineering division that is capable of providing a full range of compliance assistance to fit your company no matter what the size or field of work you are involved in. We are capable of auditing your company to identify where improvements are needed and then help you reach your safety and health goals in any way you choose. Find out more about us by going to our Services page. We are ready to serve!


Occupational Health Services

HealthWorks can give you the best in occupational and corporate-related healthcareWe offer exclusivity in the latest technology for pre-employment, return to work, and workers compensation screenings. The BTE Functional Testing System, exclusive only to HealthWorks Medical, has been proven to reduce workers compensation claims.