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HealthWorks Kinesiology delivers research-based, data-driven solutions that prevent musculoskeletal injuries and improve worker performance. Please connect with us HERE or by phone at (270) 792-0227 to discuss how HealthWorks Kinesiology can benefit your organization.

Foundational Solutions

Physical Demands Analysis

Our team of healthcare professionals and ergonomic evaluators have years of experience evaluating jobs and documenting precise reports. This document defines essential job functions and associated physical demands while detailing required skills and environmental factors. Analysis is performed onsite by evaluator utilizing calibrated devices that record accurate measurements of all job functions. Benefits include:

  • Quicker return to work
  • Documentation that can easily be distributed to job candidates and medical professionals
  • Clearly defined essential job functions
  • EEOC and ADA compliance

Physical Demands Testing Development

We are experts in designing tests that are legally defensible and follow EEOC and ADA guidelines. Physical Demands Tests are job-specific, derived from information gathered from advanced onsite analysis and are validated per guidelines propagated by the EEOC. Benefits Include: 

  • Reduced workers’ comp cost
  • Improved employee retention
  • Proper employee selection/positioning


Our certified ergonomic evaluators perform onsite analysis of workstations in office or industrial settings. Industry recognized assessment tools are utilized to evaluate risk factors and rate job safety. Ergonomic controls recommendations are made that improve body positioning, reduce repetitive motion, increase worker productivity, and enhance worksite functionality. Benefits Include:

  • Decreased work-related injuries & OSHA Recordables
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Identification of risk factors
  • Improved worksite safety

    Enhancement Solutions

    Wearable Technology

    We are proud to introduce technology that reduces the risk of injuries and improves employee performance. This wearable device uses AI to provide objective ergonomic data derived from analyzing at-risk movements, frequencies, and body forces generated by employees. Data is utilized to direct personalized training to the mobile device of the user. Training, done by workers while working, is effective and productive, resulting in long-term behavioral improvement.

    Personal Insights


    AI coaches deliver 12-day improvement programs combining real-time feedback via the clip-on device and engaging and personalized insights via the App.



    Organizations are given access to view and manage worker progress and risk data. This information allows management to redesign jobs and the workplace to reduce musculoskeletal risks.

    Clip On Device


    Light-weight technology can comfortably be clipped to any shirt/vest at orientation of workers choice (vertically or horizontally).

    Injury Prevention

    Our MUUV Well program teaches employees healthy movement strategies through a dynamic and structured approach that is purposeful, and data driven. We utilize technology to deliver targeted interventions that are applicable to all work environments. Our program is “high-touch,” with private one-on-one sessions with injury prevention specialists that are initiated from the convenience of a mobile device.  We connect with members on a personal level through purpose-driven outreach that is designed to modify behaviors.  Injury data is collected and monitored to initiate targeted ergonomic assessments that provide rapid, cost effective solutions to high risk areas. Check 

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